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2 Ponies (2h) + Petting Zoo (1h)

Three hours not together...Only $475

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2 Ponies (1h) + Petting Zoo (2h)

Three hours not together...Only $555

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2 Ponies + Petting Zoo + Trackless Train

Two hours not together...$480

(Train w/ pony or zoo event)

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* 2 Ponies (1h) + Petting Zoo (1h)...$300

* Petting Zoo for one hour...$250

* 2 Ponies for one hour...$135

* Trackless Train for one hour...$180

* 2 Ponies (1h) + Trackless Train (1h)...$320

* Petting Zoo (1h) + Trackless Train (1h)...$420

* 2 Ponies (1h) + Pett Zoo (1h) + Train (1h)...$510

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