Take all four to your party and save.

* Small Llama , Mini Bull , Donkey and Big White/Black Turkey

to my Petting Zoo event

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Only in addition to the Petting Zoo event.

Necesita un trabajo de tiempo parcial ?

Buscamos personas para trabajar en eventos / fiestas con Ponies y Petting Zoo.

Usualmente lo contratamos para los fines de semanas.

Debe poseer Camion, Van o SUV, con capacidad de remolque (hitch).

Para mas informacion.

305-328-8570 ext 2.

(entre 9:00 am y 5:00 pm)

(305) 328-8570

Our Party and/or Animals Videos.

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We are accepting right now donations:

Rabbits, Potbelly Pigs, Goats, Lambs, Ducks.

Just contact us 305-215-8152

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* 2 Ponies (1h) + Petting Zoo (1h)

* 2 Ponies (1h) + Trackless Train (1h)

* Petting Zoo + Trackless Train

* 2 Ponies + Petting Zoo + Train

* 2 Ponies for one hour.

* Petting Zoo for one hour.

* Trackless Train for one hour.

Include Cute Llama in your Zoo.
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