The original petting zoo includes the following animals:

Bunnies, Rabbits, Potbelly Pigs, Small Goats, Guinea fowl, Lamb, Nigerian goats, Guineas Pigs,
Peking Ducks, Ducks, Ducklings, Geese, Chickens, Hens, Roosters, and more!!

We include between 15 and 20 animals.

Never less than 15 animals.

We will include cups with dry food for the animals

and sanitizing hand gels of children.

You can add other animals

(Llamas, Small Cows, Donkeys, Narragansett Turkey)

and accessories for a small extra cost.

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Take all four to your party and save.

* Cute Llama, Small Cow, Donkey and Narragansett Turkey

to my Petting Zoo event

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Only in addition to the Petting Zoo event.

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