Terms & Conditions.

A non-refundable advance payment is required to reserve the items for the date and time of your event.

The items listed in the quote are not reserved until the advance payment is paid and a confirmation document is sent to you.

The remaining balance is due to Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami.

You can use any of our three safe (3) methods of payment, for the make advance payment:

* You can make the payment through Zelle.

* Advance Payment Form (Sent to you by email along with your quotation document.) using your Credit or Debit Card.

* Or using a Business Check por advance payment.(Prior authorization)

Ponies & Petting Zoo does not accept full or partial payments in advance for the final payment.

Payment due for services provided by Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami must be paid the event day before the event begins. Accepted payment methods include cash or business check.

Insurance Documents.

We guarantee that we have the insurance documents required by the companies, schools or parks.
We will only send these documents when the confirmation deposit is made.
Without exception.

Electronic signature validity.

The ESIGN Act, a federal law passed in 2000, grants legal recognition to electronic signatures nationwide

and applies in all U.S. states and territories where federal law is in effect.

Final Payments by Business Check.

Only for large events, already authorized by Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami.

Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami also accepts business checks by due payment the party day.
Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank and have the customer's name and address imprinted on the check front,

with a valid nine-digit bank routing number (ABA code) located at the bottom of the check.

Temporary or Counter Check, Money Order, Cashier's check, Gift Card or Credit / Debit Card.

No payment application (Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Square, PayPal or any other)

Dishonored or worthless checks.

Dishonored checks will be assessed a fee up to of $40.00.

If the bad check is not paid in full, plus administrative fees in a term of seven (7) days, from the notification is sent to the debtor,

the dishonored check will be sent without prior notice to Miami-Dade State Attorney, Bad Check Division Unit.

Just CLICK HERE & See the Florida Statute 68.065

We accept preferably.

Reservations are made only through the prepayment forms sent to your email along with the quotation document.
If you want to receive the confirmation quickly,
complete your advance payment to Ponies & Petting Zoo Miami as soon as possible

Zelle, Credit or Debit Cards are not accepted as payment on the party day..
To Remaining Balance Payment.

Please Cash Only.

The payment will be delivered to the employee the Ponies & Petting Zoo,

before event staring. No exceptions.

If Ponies & Petting Zoo cancels the event, due to non-payment of the balance before event starting,

the advance payment will not be returned and will not be applied to future events.


If for specific reasons and by mutual agreement, Ponies & Patting Zoo, authorizes final payment by credit or debit card,

this will be done at least 72 hours prior to the event and a 45% fee will be charged to the final payment.

If this authorized payment is not made within the established time, the event will be cancelled and the advance payment will not be refunded (it is credited to another event for the term of one year).

Cancellations/Bad Weather/Rain Policy

* Cancellations must be made at least 2 hours before the event.

* If the customer cancels (for any reason) the event day when our attendees are at the venue, an additional charge (Starting at $45.00) will be applied, to reschedule your event.

* If you cancel the event (for any reason) with enough time the advance payment will not be returned,
but it will be credited to your account with Ponies & Petting Zoo for one calendar year.
* Credit can be applied to reschedule an event of equal or greater value than the canceled event.
* The Client agrees to waive all legal and equitable chargeback claims by signing this contract.

Any transfer of credit to another person must be authorized by Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami.

If you want to transfer their funds Ponies & Petting Zoo to another person, contact us first.

We go rain or shine - it's hard to tell a child are a part is not only because of the rain! Provide a dry place for children to wait.
Petting zoos can be set to any other sheltered area like a garage or a covered terrace.

Ponies & Petting Zoo Miami reserves the right, to cancel an event or to apply, or not, the advance payment to future events,
when some of these situations arise:

* Accidents in our vehicles...Advance payment refund or apply to future events.
* There is no on-site parking for Ponies & Petting Zoo vehicles and trailers.
* Events beyond our control. Example: Storms, Hurricane, Twister, Catastrophes, Epidemics, etc...Advance payment apply to future events.
* If there are different opinions or errors, between Ponies & Petting Zoo and Client...Advance payment apply to future events.
* If the customer cancels (for any reason) at least 2 hours before the event, the deposit will not be refunded, it will be credited to Ponies & Petting Zoo for one calendar year. No additional charges apply.
* If Ponies & Petting Zoo cancels the event, due to non-confirmation of final document or problems with address/time/date/balance payment/security gate/day or location of event, advanced payment will not be refunded, will be credited for one calendar year. Charges will apply with authorized changes. Starting at $25.00
* There are no guarantees or obligation on our part to make changes to the calendar of events due to weather conditions or any other circumstance.
(addresses, days, hours, type of event) after an event is booked.
If the change is authorized, a charge of up to 25.00 will be applied.

In these cases the event is canceled when some of the cases indicated below are effective.
* Physical or verbal abuse to our employees...(No refund of advance payment and not will be applied to future event)
* Physical abuse to our animals...(No refund of advance payment and not will be applied to future event)
* Breach of Contract or Customer Cancellation. Applicable for large or repetitive events (Advance payment will not be refunded and will not apply to future events
* If there are pending payments (insurance costs, background, licenses or other expenses incurred by Ponies & Petting Zoo), they must be assumed and customer paid.
* If for any reason Ponies & Petting Zoo decides to refund the advance payment, 35% will be withheld for administrative charges.

This refund will be effective within a period of up to twenty (20) business days, after the cancellation notice. Remember that this return is at the discretion of Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami.


Ponies & Petting Zoo has the right to cancel any event, due to circumstances beyond our control and / or discrepancies, lack of communication, errors or changes in the documents between the parties, verbal and / or physical abuse to our workers or animals.

There are no guarantees or obligation on our part to make changes to the calendar of events due to weather conditions or any other circumstance.
(addresses, days, hours, type of event) after an event is booked.
If the change is authorized a charge of $25.00 will be applied. .

When you make the advance payment, you accept the Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy.

Travel or Toll Fee.

Regularly we have no Delivery Fee.

Delivery fee applied to the total, for excessive distance and toll.(30 miles or more)
From the following location: 33018.

Rickenbacker Causeway.

Miles approximately from 33018 to 33149. Fee $20.00.

The Key Biscayne toll plaza fee:
Number of Axles: Our vehicles (including trailer) have between 4 or 5 axles
Rate: Four axles $17.00 or five axles $20.00

The arrival time.

The arrival time will always be approximate, due to situations beyond our control. Example, high traffic, breaks in our vehicles.

We always try to be in the place of the event with enough time for the installation and preparation. Setup does not interfere with event time.

Release Civil or Criminal Liability

Ponies and Petting Zoo in Miami, is a company makes subcontracting the other companies,
which operate with their own animals, licenses, insurance and criminal liability.

We are not responsible for damage to people, animals, property, cars, trees, branches, bushes, grass, flowers, sprinkler heads, potted plants, etc.
I understand that the activities conducted by Ponies & Petting Zoo or affiliated companies, in which I will participate and the persons who are in this party, event or activity, including minors, may cause serious injury or damage, including bodily injury, personal property damage.
On behalf of myself, my guests and relatives, I waive all claims for damages and / or injury for me or my property that may have against the mentioned party released (Ponies & Petting Zoo or affiliated companies)to said activity.
By this waiver I assume any risk, and all responsibility and waive any claim of personal injury or death or damage to personal property that may occur while I am participating in the activity.

Under Florida law, a sponsor of equine activities or an equine professional is not responsible for an injury or death of a participant in equine activities that results from the inherent risk of equine activities.
The contracting party is responsible for ensuring adequate adult supervision of children during the event.

Children between the ages of 1 and 3 years old
must always be accompanied by a relative when riding the ponies.
Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami will not authorize children under the age of 1 years old to ponies rides.
Ponies & Petting Zoo Miami supply to legal persons concerned, any information available.

Florida State Law for Regulation of Equine and / or Farm Animals Activities .

These Florida statutes stipulate that a sponsor of activities with farm animals, equine activities, an equine professional or any other person shall not be liable for an injury or death of a participant as a result of the risks inherent in equine activities. Children under one year of age are strictly FORBIDDEN to participate in these activities..

Just CLICK HERE & See the Florida Statute (Equine Activity)

Just CLICK HERE & See the Florida Statute (Farm Animals Activity...Petting Zoo)

Healthy routines are important - even at parties!

We recommend that you make soap and water available to all at the party after they have finished with the petting zoo or pony rides and before moving on to other activities.

We have had this recommendation on our website and contracts for many years -- well before recent news articles about health issues related to petting zoos. Hand washing is the number one way to prevent illness and should be practiced after petting even the family dog! This is the recommendation of state and federal health departments and soap and water are recommended over baby wipes and sanitizing hand gels, though some health departments do recommend gel sanitizers where hand washing is not available.

We also recommend that toys and pacifiers be removed from children before they enter the petting zoo or go near the ponies, this ensures that these items stay clean.

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