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Main Line: (305) 328-8570

Voice mail: (305) 523-9438


Photo Section.

You can reserve our ponies for your photography section

and can hire one of our professional photographers or choose your own.

With our company, you can choose the horse or pony of your liking!
Just contact us by Photo Section Form or call us at 305-328-8570

and let us know your wishes, we will make them a reality!

Our Prices

* One Pony (any color) for one hour...$195.00
* One Small Lamb + two Rabbits (any color) for two hours..$120.00

(For events over one hour, contact us for the best price)

You can choose the accessories for decoration, up to three (3) item,

it is included in the price, i,e, no additional cost for you.

See our accessories.


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