Healthy routines are important - even at parties!

The State and Federal Health Departments, recommends the existence of water and soap available,for everybody, after they have finished with the Petting Zoo and/or Pony Rides and before moving on to other activities.
We have had this recommendation on our website and contracts for many years.
Hand washing is the number one way to prevent illness and should be practiced after petting even the family dog!
This is the recommendation of State and Federal Health Departments: Soap and water are recommended, baby wipes and sanitizing hand gels. Some health departments do recommend gel sanitizers where hand washing, is not available soap and water
The State and Federal Health Departments also recommended that toys and pacifiers be removed from children before they enter the petting zoo or go near the ponies.

Our company included in the Petting Zoo:
* Food for the animals,
* Sanitizing Hand Gels.
No Extra Cost to You!

Aditional information.

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Ponies Rides and Petting Zoo are probably the fun you can have at an event.

Nothing offers the beauty, fun and excitement of animals. For the kids the excitement is in being around live animals, getting to touch, pet, feed them and ride them.

Adults experience the same excitement as the kids, plus of many, seeing their children ride a pony is a very nostalgic experience, reminding them of their of own childhood.

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2 Ponies (1 h)+ Petting Zoo (1 h)

Two hours not together, one hour each event.

Total Price...$285.00

Deposit Payment (Reservation) $100.00
Due Cash (Party day) $185.00

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2 Ponies + Petting Zoo

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