Terms & Conditions

A minimum deposit is required for the reservation.

You can use any of our two (2) methods of payment, for the make deposit:

* Through our web page.(Deposit Form)
* Form to make payment for Pay Pal Form or PayPal Me

(You do not need a paypal account, just a credit or debit card)

Ponies & Petting Zoo does not accept full or partial payments in advance for the final payment.

Read carefully.

If the cardholder is not the same person that appears in the quote or when the deposit is $ 250.00 or more,

then, the cardholder driving license photo is required.
The deposit will only be effective, when you send the identification document.

This measure is to protect our customers and our company from fraud and theft of credit cards and identity.

Insurance Documents.

We guarantee that we have the insurance documents required by the companies, schools or parks.
We will only send these documents when the confirmation deposit is made.
Without exception.

Final Payments by Business Check.

Only for large events, already authorized by Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami.

Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami also accepts business checks by due payment the party day.
Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank and have the customer's name and address imprinted on the check front,

with a valid nine-digit bank routing number (ABA code) located at the bottom of the check.
Temporary or Counter checks are not acceptable.

Dishonored or worthless checks.

Dishonored checks will be assessed a fee up to of $40.00.

If the bad check is not paid in full, plus administrative fees in a term of seven (7) days, from the notification is sent to the debtor,

the dishonored check will be sent without prior notice to Miami-Dade State Attorney, Bad Check Division Unit.

Just CLICK HERE & See the Florida Statute 68.065

We accept preferably.

Booking is only through Deposit Forms in our Webpage.
If you want to receive the confirmation quickly,
complete your payment to Ponies & Petting Zoo Miami as soon as possible,
we recommend that you use a fast and safe payment method such as payment through Deposit Form or PayPal in our Webpage .

Credit or Debit Cards are not accepted as payment on the day of the party.
To payment of the Remaining Balance.

Please Cash Only.

The payment will be delivered to the employee the Ponies & Petting Zoo,

before staring the event.No exception.

(Not Exeptions)

How it Works.

The ponies and petting zoo come right to you! You can get just a pony, just a petting zoo or a combination of the two.

We arrive a few minutes early to set up and you get a full hour (or more if you want it) with the animals.
We always on time, but there may be some delay for heavy traffic or other disadvantage

Small animals such as:
* Bunnies.
* Guinea Pig.
* Potbelly Pigs.
* Ducks, Peking Duck and Ducklings.
* Geese
* Rabbits.
* Nigerian Goats.
* Chickens & Roosters.
* Goats.
* Lamb.
and more!!

The total number of animals is between 15 and 20.
(Types and number of animals may vary, depending on availability, but never less than 15.)

Our staff always walks right alongside the children on the pony where they can chat with the child and make sure they're having a great time.

We can ride between 15 and 20 kids per ponies in an hour. Ponies can work in nearly any size yard,

even as small a space as a 2-car garage is fine.(For example: In case of rain.)

Service Time Most folks need one hour with the animals. This usually fits nicely into any party schedule, including quickie two-hour parties.

One hour is great for up to 25 kids. The minimum time for petting zoo is 1 hour.

Additional time is available if needed for private parties and we are available for multi-hour parties and fairs.

On occasion we do shorter parties, but it must fit into our existing schedule.

In rides, our ponies are led by one of our attendants.
No exception.

Our animals have got to be healthy, gentle, sweet, clean and SAFE .All animals receive regular vet care and are appropriately vaccinated.


One, two or three service attendants per event (according to the event), included in cost.
Our company offers additional attendants service at extra cost.
We suggest, for events over 2 hours together or more, the possibility of additionals attendants.
The attendants costs will be included the final payment.
Current prices:
1 additional Attendant (1 hour )....$ 45.00
1 additional Attendant (2 hours )...$ 80.00
1 additional Attendant (3 hours )...$ 115.00
1 additional Attendant (4 hours )...$ 145.00

Cancellations/Bad Weather/Rain Policy

Deposits are not returned, apply to future events in the term of one (1) year.

The credits to your account with our company, are only effective for the original and canceled event.

Any transfer of credit to another person must be authorized by Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami. If you want to transfer their funds Ponies & Petting Zoo to another person, contact us first.

We go rain or shine - it's hard to tell a child are a part is not only because of the rain! Provide a dry place for children to wait.
Petting zoos can be set to any other sheltered area like a garage or a covered terrace.

Ponies & Petting Zoo Miami reserves the right, to cancel an event or to apply, or not, the deposit payment to future events,
when some of these situations arise:

* Orders arising from pricing or other errors...Deposit apply to future events.
* Accidents in our vehicles...Deposit apply to future events.
* Events beyond our control.Example: Traffic, Storms, Hurricane or Twister...Deposit apply to future events.
* If there are different opinions or errors, between Ponies & Petting Zoo and Client...Deposit apply to future events.
* Customers cancel the event...Deposit apply to future events.
* Customers cancel the event and our services are on the venue or cancellation without notice ...Deposit apply to future events.

But, the final payment will be made in advance,

(five business days before the new event).

A charge of $ 30.00 will be added to the final payment, which will be made by credit or debit card

In these cases the event is canceled when some of the cases indicated below are effective.
* Physical or verbal abuse to our employees...(No refund of deposit and not will be applied to future event)
* Physical abuse to our animals...(No refund of deposit and not will be applied to future event)
* Breach of Contract or Cancellation by the customer. (No refund of deposit and not will be applied to future event)
* If there are outstanding payments (costs of insurances, background, licenses or other expenses incurred by Ponies & Petting Zoo,) must be assumed and paid by the client.
* If for any reason Ponies & Petting Zoo decides to refund the deposit, the 20% will be retained.

There are no guarantees to event schedule changes due to weather conditions after an event is booked and confirmed.

When you make the deposit, you accept the Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy.

Travel or Toll Fee.

Regularly we have no Delivery Fee.
Delivery fee applied to the total, for excessive distance and toll.
From the following location: 33014.

Rickenbacker Causeway.

Miles approximately from 33014 to 33149...26 miles.

Delivery fee $20.00

The Key Biscayne toll plaza fee:
Number of Axles: Our vehicles (including trailer) have between 4 or 5 axles
Rate: Four axles $17.00 or five axles $20.00

Additional Discount.

Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami reserves the right to apply additional discounts to any type of event.
When applied an additional discount, this qualifies only for that current quote, if for any reason the customer changes the terms of the quote,

the discount will be removed from additional new contract.
Prices of direct discounts apply only to weekends and holidays
(Not Applicable Monday through Friday)
The feedback discount only applies when the client sends its judgment in the maximum term of 30 days after the event.

Healthy routines are important - even at parties!

We recommend that you make soap and water available to all at the party after they have finished with the petting zoo or pony rides and before moving on to other activities.

We have had this recommendation on our website and contracts for many years -- well before recent news articles about health issues related to petting zoos. Hand washing is the number one way to prevent illness and should be practiced after petting even the family dog! This is the recommendation of state and federal health departments and soap and water are recommended over baby wipes and sanitizing hand gels, though some health departments do recommend gel sanitizers where hand washing is not available.

We also recommend that toys and pacifiers be removed from children before they enter the petting zoo or go near the ponies, this ensures that these items stay clean.

Release Civil or Criminal Liability

Ponies and Petting Zoo in Miami, is a company that sometimes, makes subcontracting the other companies,
which operate with their own animals, licenses and insurance.

Ponies and Petting Zoo Miami,do not assume any civil or criminal liability, for damage, injuries or accidents that may occur in the course of any event, activity, celebration or party, to perform sub-contracted companies by Ponies & Petting Miami Zoo,
when they are to our service.

We are not responsible for damage to people, animals, property, cars, trees, branches, bushes, grass, flowers, sprinkler heads, potted plants, etc.
I understand that the activities conducted by Ponies & Petting Zoo or affiliated companies, in which I will participate and the persons who are in this party, event or activity, including minors, may cause serious injury or damage, including bodily injury, personal property damage. On behalf of myself, my guests and relatives, I waive all claims for damages and / or injury for me or my property that may have against the mentioned party released (Ponies & Petting Zoo or affiliated companies)to said activity. By this waiver I assume any risk, and all responsibility and waive any claim of personal injury or death or damage to personal property that may occur while I am participating in the activity

Children between the ages of 1 and 3 years old may ride small ponies,
but must always be accompanied by a relative.
Ponies & Petting Zoo of Miami will not authorize children under the age of 1 years old to ride ponies.

Ponies & Petting Zoo Miami supply to legal persons concerned, any information available.

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